Friday, September 17, 2010

Traveling Away from the Ranch

We're off to Greece for three weeks!  Not the usual goings on at the ranch but a trip of a lifetime.  We'll visit Athens and Delphi and hopefully the Acropolis then off to Crete for a week then onto a cruise of the Greek Islands and a short stop in Turkey, even!  Wow!  We are blessed to be able to take the time, to have our kids to stay at the ranch and look after things and to be traveling with friends we love to travel with.
     We'll finish irrigating before the end of the month and pull the pumps and begin readying things for winter.  Already the mornings are cooler and the vine maple (in the mountain passes) has turned red.  No freeze yet though so my roses continue to bloom.  this is a favorite time of year on the ranch.  We'll be missing a bit of it by being in another country but we always come back energized by the richness of this world and its people.
   I hope your autumn is memorable.


Carol Garvin said...

Oh, what a wonderful sounding trip! Enjoy every moment and come back feeling mentally refreshed and with lots of memories and photographs to post. May God grant you safe travel.

Carol Garvin

Esther said...

Enjoy your trip! I am hoping to study abroad in Greece someday. Wishing you safety and a great time!

~Esther Kingfisher

Sheila Deeth said...

So how was Greece? Sounds wonderful.