Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Emma's replica quilt

This past month we gave away the replica of Emma Giesy's quilt (from the Change and Cherish Series) to a woman from the Northwest. Ramona Hugulet of Portland, OR was the lucky recipient. Her name was drawn by the publisher from several thousand entires from around the world. The Aurora colony quilters stitched the work on it! Pendelton Woolen Mills (100 years old this year!) donated the wool. In the photo, I'm on the left, Ramona is in the middle and Kathy Monaghan is on the right. Kathy is the project manager for Pendleton Woollen Mills. Emma's original quilt is on the right too; and the replica of Emma's Running Squares quilt, hangs to the left. The Aurora colony celebrated their 36th annual quilt show and the presentation of Emma's quilt was a part of that event.
We aren't certain when Emma's quilt was made. The plaid is found in quilts at both Bethel, Missouri and at Aurora so it may have been begun before Emma came west in 1853 as the only female scout with nine men sent to find a new site for their colony. The Auorora Colony, 20 miles south of Portland, OR, survived in the west for 20 years, the only utopian society to be successful for that long west of the Mississippi River.
If you're intrigued about utopian Change and Cherish series might satisfy some of your interest. Even better is Dr. Jim Kopp's new book Eden within Eden which features the more than 300 utopian groups attracted to Oregon over the past 200 years. Great reading!Jane


Sheila Deeth said...

Lovely to see the quilt and know more about it. Thanks Jane.

terrynowak319 said...

Great looking quilt. I also love hearing historical stories about America.

Susan R said...

This is a question of late, since I just finished reading the series, have you ever thought of creating a Pinterest board or boards for your books where we can go and check out more historical links and information regarding your books and the people in them? I was just looking up some info on Emma's quilts and found this page as well as a few others and thought about Pinterest and how much I enjoy that site and how it can be used.