Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bo's Blog, Texas Travel and Minnesota, here we come!

This is summer on the homestead. what you can't see are the roses blooming profusely along the deer fence. But you can see the garden troughs, recycled from the cows we no longer have. They're the metal tanks to the left of the house. I'm looking forward to spending more time on the deck this year, just listening to the river and the birds.
I'm back from a book tour in Texas. Great fun and met many new fans and some faithful ones as well. One even drove 150 miles to attend a signing and two others drove nearly the same distance to share a lunch. The new independent store in Plano, TX called Legacy Books hosted my first signing there with wonderful participants who heard me talk about A Flickering Light.
Texans have big hearts and staying with writer friend Irene Sandell (River of the Arms of God and In a Fevered Land) made the time go quickly. I spoke at the Writer's Garret in Dallas and at the Heritage Village in Old City Park where the Aurora presentation was well-received. Seems there was a utopian community called La Reunion in the Dallas area about the same time as Aurora's origin. Small and connecting world.
By the way, Cindy (her nickname) Sandell has a signing this Saturday at Barnes and Noble in Plano, TX from 2a;oo-5:00. Stop by and say hi.
I'm back now, working on what I call my Oprah book. The working title is "Oprah Doesn't Know My Name" and it's about a writer seeking fame in all the wrong places. It's a departure from my historical novels but never fear, the sequel to A Flickering LIght will be out next April and it's been named: An Absence so Great.
Finally, Bo has begun a blog! It's at I hope you'll visit now and again to get his side of the homestead story.
Happy writing for you out there and for those in Minnesota, we're coming soon! Please check my schedule at the website Thanks! Jane


SisterlyLove said...

Thanks for the kind comments on our book blog. So surprised to see you there! :) Thank you for writing such wonderful books. My mom is reading your series about the Aurora Colony right now and I hope to read them soon. Your Tender Ties series is my favorite. :) Keep up the good work. Your "Oprah book" sounds interesting...

~Jane (Jane and Elizabeth book blog)

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