Wednesday, January 7, 2009

video trailer

I told Jerry to come look at my new trailer. He looked chagrined and started to protest that I'd buy something like a hay or cattle trailer without confering with him! I reminded him I had. It was a video trailer I'd bought and we'd discussed the expense last year. Here are some links to be able to see it.

If any of you purchased one of my books from Amazon through the years, you'll get a notice of the video also being posted on that site. Let me know what you think! I personally think it's great. Have a good day, Jane


Paula said...

It is great ~ You're absolutely right. I love it and am intrigued. I just finished reading A Clearing in the Wild and now need to rush out and get the other two along with Aurora!

Mary said...


Paula had introduced me to you and your books. I live in Canada and am not sure, but hope I can find your works here.

I also write, but have never written a novel. I have written family stories and am a web content writer. However, a novel is my dream.

Aurora sounds like a beautiful book and I really have to find it. Congratulations on all your books. It's always wonderful to see our babies in print.

Take care. I will be back to visit again.


njburk said...

Jane---What a wonderful trailer for Aurora! I'll have to get my hands on it right away.
I'll also post a link to you and the trailer on my blog so that others can see it too.
Hugs, Nola

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Beautiful trailer. Very funny about your husband thinking it was a different type of trailer. :)

Cathy said...

Thanks Jane,

I have been so enriched by your books for myself and the wonderful relationships with all the other women in my life. Such healing in your books which ultimately is complete thru Jesus our Savior!

Looking forward to your next book in April 2009!

Tworzz said...

First, I want to say how much I enjoyed reading 'A Clearing in the Wild,' and 'A Tendering in the Storm.' Both books are so interesting and I became encompassed in them. The trials and tribulations, along with the joys, that these people experienced overwhelm me with emotions.

I am just beginning 'A Mending at the Edge' and I can hardly wait to get into it. I am also sad to be coming to the end of the trilogy, but I am sure I will continue to enjoy your writing in other books. When I finish this book I plan to read the Tender Ties series.

Aurora sounds like a fascinating book. I am fortunate to have a beautiful collection of quilts from both sides of my family. I will always cherish these and I hope my daughter will someday be as honored as I am to have these.
I find it interesting how you've used peoples lives and old quilts as a comparison - I believe we are much that way.

I love all kinds of old things and antiques, and have a houseful of family heirlooms such as: jewelry, furniture, kitchen items, tools, kitchen and bed linens, and old sheet music to name a few. Studying my family's history has recently become one of my favorite hobbies. I wish I could step back in time and see it all happen with my own eyes.

I look forward to having my own copy of 'Aurora' and would feel very honored to receive it from the author!

Gwyn Ramsey said...

Jane, I love your video. It is truly an endearing advertisement about your book. Also, how funny that Jerry thought you bought a hay trailer. Love it!

Gwyn Ramsey