Wednesday, June 4, 2008

blogger interview with Cindy Swanson

It's been awhile, I know. But here for your viewing and listening pleasure is an interview I did with Cindy Swanson a fine interviewer out of Chicago. We spoke about writing and life and I thought you might enjoy this conversation. Kirkpatrick.mp3

I'm also going to bring you my monthly memo for June in about three days. Travel is taking me from blogging; but hopefully I'll meet some of you in Newberg, Stayton, Independence, Portland, Florence (Oregon) and in Pennsylvania in the next two weeks. Please visit my website schedule at Thanks!

Meanwhile, keep writing or pursuing that which brings you nurture. Jane


travelin' nan said...

yesterday I tagged you in a blog tag.
I realized later that I guess I was suppose to let you know I tagged you...
Did you ever have that feeling when you were a kid, when someone tagged you in a tag game that you didn't know you were playing in, or they started the game without letting you know, and then they tagged you?
Well, here's the tag:
1. Write the title to your own memoir using 6 words.
2. Post it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who tagged you.
4. Tag five more blogs.

Oh, I will be in Florence on Saturday the 14th, but will be busy with Cub Scouts. Sorry to miss you-we'll be at Honeyman if you'd like to go see kids catch fish...

Jane Kirkpatrick said...

I'm so slow! Here's my title to my memoir: HOMESTEAD: The edge of possibility.