Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eight Random Facts

1. I don't have a belly button.
2. I'm a licensed pilot who hasn't piloted since surviving an accident in 1987
3. I'm gluten-intolerant
4. My sister and I used to sing duets
5. Our wire-haired pointing Griffon is the third dog we've had in a year; the youngest of the two we still have.
6. I always wanted to be a stand-up comic.
7. If I went back to school it would be in spiritual counseling.
8. I like to eat salt from the palm of my hand.

Al right. I think how this works now is that I'll be writing about these random facts for the next few posts. And I'm letting Susan and Velda and Bobbi and Janet and Dani and Donna know. Here are their blog links so you can meet up with them all!
Susan is
Velda is
Janet is
Bobbi is
Donna is at

Now I'll discover for myself what this is about.
1. I don't have a belly button. For years my parents thought I was allergic to milk and since we owned a dairy, this was a problem. So they tried other things: soy milk, lots of rice etc. I apparently cried so much that I developed a hernia and when I was twelve, they decided to fix it by taking out my appendix at the same time. They went in through the navel. It wasn't an artist's work. The scar is about six inches long and looks like a railroad track. I've thought about have a tattoo of a small train put on with the words from that children's book, the Little Train that Could...I don't wear bikinnis and never did so that's not a problem. But I once took belly dancing classes -- great exercise, and there was always something, well, missing. Maybe I do sometimes see my body as missing something now that I think of it. I have an increase appreciation for surgeons with fine scalples and an awareness of the aftermath on a young girl's sense of self.


Janet Grace Riehl said...

Jane...this is a fun fact, though probably not fun to have in fact!

Thanks for tagging me. This week I'll be working out my own 8 random facts and posting them as part of my Women Writing the West Week...Tuesday through Friday or Saturday, it my blog will only be featuring work by or related to the great women in our organization.

Off to write my facts--though I don't think anyone can match the "no belly button" one. Now that's an eye catcher!

Deanna said...

These tag games are interesting. You learn the most random things about people.

Sorry about you being navelless. I've got a scar around mine, but it's still there.

I am enjoying reading A Tendering in the Storm. I checked with Kelly from Waterbrook about e-interviewing you next week for the blog tour. If that's still fine, I'll send some questions by Wednesday. It'll be fun for me and my bloggie friends; thanks.