Monday, May 7, 2007

Strange appearances

I'm not talking about UFOs here with strange appearances but rather the unusual places where my latest book might appear. The cover is the lead photograph in the Aurora Antique's newsletter snuggled there between Shaker furniture and old dolls. It's like being on Antique's Roadshow, one of my favorites on OPB. The cover is also on a lovely invitation to a salon in Portland, OR where I'll be meeting with people and talking about community, especially the community of my latest series. Their invitation compared my work to an Armani suit...I'd post these (you can see the Armani suit invitation at my website on the schedule but I don't yet know how to add pictures here.)
We spent the weekend on the coast for a book signing and then drove up the Pacific before heading inland. As we drove up the coast, we watched gas prices go up too and wondered how long book tours will really be feasible. One more reason to know more about blogs.
Today I'll be spending the day indoors revising my latest then head to a library board meeting in town, 25 miles away. That's a drive that allows me to watch the progress of the wind farms going up in our county. There's a place where the green spring wheat covers the rolling hill and behind it you can only see the tops of the windmills turning, turning. They remind me of slender children dressed in silver performing cartwheels across the grass. Always a reminder too, to find time to play. I hope you will today. Thanks for stopping by.


liz said...

Hi Jean, Happy to see your blog! I getting addicted to blogs, so I try to only read my favs (now you are one!) My goal is to have one (blog) but writing is hard for me. Spelling issue! Have fun with this. Liz

Jane Kirkpatrick said...

Hi Liz. I'd be lost without spell check so don't worry about the spelling; just write. Where are you from, Liz? And how did you find my blog? Just curious. Jane

Sharon said...

Hi Jane!
So happy to see you have a BLOG!You may not remember me.I live in Stayton,OR and wrote you quite awhile ago as I had discovered you via my Crossings Book Club.Just wanted to pop in and say hello.I was looking at my bookcase this morning and realized that I have 3 of your 4 books in the Dream Catcher series!And they were all garage sale purchases!Perfect for my Scottish thriftiness and modest/limited income!Still need"A Gathering of Finches."Maybe this garage sale season will yield that completion to the series!Many blessings on you and dear husband.

Deanna said...

Jane, I'm glad your blog has appeared, as well. You're doing great. I'll add you to the links list on mine.